Envisioned for the way we live now

For the chances and the connections

What’s the chance that you’ll make life-long friends in a community that gets you?

What’s the chance that you’ll settle right in, living a life true to yourself within a supportive environment?

Ridgelea prioritises culture, connection and kindness. Singles, couples, growing families, retirees — no matter which stage you are at or the approach you take to life, Ridgelea offers a place to call home. Take the opportunity to make it your own. Come together with likeminded residents and enhance your community with events and projects.

Your adventure. Your story. Your place to call home.
Chances are you’re going to love Ridgelea.


The Ridgelea vision becomes a reality

Discover how thoughtful planning brings the Ridgelea vision to life for its community and makes this such a desirable place to live your best life.

  • Local Town Centre
    Everything you need from day to day will become available from the Pakenham East Town Centre. Specialty shops, supermarket, service station and medical centres are on hand.
  • Community Spaces
    It wouldn’t be a connected community without places to connect. Open spaces and communal areas are offered in the form of parks, waterways, recreation centres and more.
  • Events & Entertainment
    A calendar of family-friendly community events give Ridgelea residents and visitors the opportunity to create fun memories.
  • Education
    Quality schools and a childcare centre means that Ridgelea families can feel confident that their children are valued in the community.
  • Community Initiatives
    Keeping up community engagement is key for strong ties. Ridgelea is passionate about initiatives working with and supporting residents, local council, schools and organisations.
  • Sustainable Design
    Innovation, environment and sustainability are prioritised in the design, engineering and construction across every project we undertake. We conserve local heritage and provide environmentally sound design.
Friends moving in to new home

Something for everyone

Embrace the Ridgelea Lifestyle

This is a place where community members can immerse themselves in interests that make them happy, healthy and fulfilled.

Whether your interests lie in keeping fit, spending quality time with family or immersing yourself in the arts, Ridgelea has something for everyone.

From parks, open reserves and hiking tracks to bike trails and countless walking routes, there are plenty of ways you can explore the great outdoors.

Girl at new school

It’s all at the Ridge

Everything you need to thrive

A flourishing community needs to be equipped with all the amenities required to thrive in life.

Ridgelea understands the diversity of its community and ensures that the needs of each individual can be met with ease.

The ridge has it all, from education for children of all ages, to indoor and outdoor sports and recreation, plus plenty of spots to catch up with friends.

Venturing out from Ridgelea to the nearby regions you can discover gems in surrounding towns and rural spots.

Parklea Community Testimonials

  • “It’s home; I’ve never seen my son so happy with so many friends in this beautiful Estate”

    B Hunter Kaduna Park Resident
  • “Living in such a supportive community has helped us settle into our first home.”

    B Andrews Kaduna Park Resident
  • “We’d been wanting to buy in a Parklea Estate for ages, the community feel and quality of the estate has made the wait worthwhile.”

    P Hardman Kaduna Park Resident
  • “We feel blessed and safe to live in such a beautiful and supportive community!”

    S Malhi Kaduna Park Resident
  • “Living a dream! A safe, secure, relaxing and healthy lifestyle provided by Parklea with loving, caring, beautiful and the most wonderful community of ‘Kadunians’.”

    A Lakho Kaduna Park Resident
  • “Amazing community & quality of the estate facilities is beyond our expectation and the place to be called Home.”

    S Narayanaswamy Kaduna Park Resident
  • “Community! I love living in a Parklea estate. The sense of community makes me feel at home. I don’t ever want to live anywhere else.”

    B Fritz Kaduna Park Resident
  • “Feel like I’m in the village just entering the estate after I get past the busy traffic zone, so peaceful!”

    J Gayani Kaduna Park Resident
  • “Parklea has built a quality estate at Kaduna Park with a true focus on community, it’s wonderful to know your neighbours.”

    M Hemman Kaduna Park Resident
  • “After visiting Kaduna Park for the first time we were sold, we loved the country feel and well-presented gardens. We’ve now been living here for two months and we are so impressed with the beautiful community that Parklea has created.”

    T Bolding Kaduna Park Resident
  • “Feels like home to me! Everyone is so lovely and welcoming as you walk around Kaduna Park, with their waves and smiles on their face”

    E-J Walker Kaduna Park Resident
  • “After building our first home in Kaduna Park we are beyond excited to be a part of the community. The residents are welcoming, friendly and supportive.”

    J Marie Farrow Kaduna Park Resident

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